About Cora Tang

A commissioned oil painter for private and commercial collections, local artist Cora Tang is most known for her work in portraiture. Born in 1984 with a multi-cultural upbringing, she began expressing her world view through visual arts at a young age. In the angst-driven years that followed, she had a tendency to seek large audiences for her work, giving way to the balance of mutiny and commercialization in her art today. "Subject motifs intentionally include religion, morality, cultural stereotypes, social distance, and an intrinsic quality of the human character," Tang believes, ". . . a reflection of self is manifested by the viewer." Today, her portrait work can be found in vibrant social scenes (Neighborhood- East Village, The Corner- at Petco Park, American Comedy Co.- Gaslamp) and in places reserved for recovery and contemplation (St.Vincent de Paul Village- downtown, and private homes). Fairness resides in Tang's human portrayals, creating a forum where celebrity complements obscurity, as religious icons and destitute transients are represented equally, and our experience of beauty and disgust is shared in art.

Designed and built for Cora Tang.