Thomas Tippins Presents: The Drinking Deck

by Cora, Alex, and Ryan

A functional deck of 52 playing cards featuring classic drink recipes and the history surrounding the birth of the cocktail culture.

This deck is unlike any deck of playing cards created before! It is a full compendium of cocktail recipes and cocktail histories! Beautifully hand drawn and illustrated and wrapped up in a fully functional deck of playing cards created by bartenders for everyone!

Between the 3 of us combined--we have decades of experience working in bars from San Diego to San Fransisco to New York and several places in between--we have (and still are) constantly educating our guests, who pepper us with the most detailed, to the seemingly obvious questions of the inner-workings of a specific cocktail as we're making it, the functions of a certain ingredient, or even the way the bar itself is run.

"The Deck"


"Thomas Tippins"

Thomas Tippins

Early Sketch Of Thomas Tippins "the world's first bar fly"

"5 of Spades"

5 of Spades

Early Sketch of a classic scotch cocktail the "blood and sand"

"10 of Hearts"

10 Heart

One of the number cards.

"Ace of Hearts"


Ace card showing some of the "cultural effects" of cocktails

"Queen of Clubs"

Lady Guadalupe

Queen card portraying one of the protagonists of prohibition

"2 of Diamonds"


Another number card showing a classic gin cocktail